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    LIVENTURE series includes official live albums by the Russian space-art-rock band VESPERO. As opposed to live bootlegs, all albums in the series were professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered. No overdubs however. Featured are exclusive versions of the album-tracks or compositions which do not appear on the bands studio albums. Most of the LIVENTURE albums are FREE-TO-DOWLOAD from here by courtesy of VESPERO and respective publishers.


Vespero / Cello Liventures - in memory of Vladimir Belov (2014) / pro-duplicated CD-R - OUT-OF-PRINT / DD $7.00

    Cello Liventures is an unique collection of instrumental improvisations performed live by VESPERO with a cellist Vladimir Belov, who tragically passed away on June 7, 2014. This album was produced by the band in Vladimirs memory. Features the line-up of Vladimir Belov (cello), Ivan Fedotov (drums, percussion), Arkady Fedotov (bass, synths), Alexander Kuzovlev (guitars, effects), and Alexey Klabukov (keyboards, synths), as well as the guest-appearance by Andrey Petrov (guitars, effects) of GDEVA. Recorded live with no overdubbs, mixed, and mastered by Alexander Kuzovlev. The disc edition is limited to 60 pcs: professionally duplicated CD-R (7 tracks 73 min.) comes inside a hand-made oversized rough pasteboard case with silkscreen printing. Free streaming and high-quality digital download of the album is available through Official R.A.I.G. Bandcamp.

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Vespero / Liventures 2008-2010 (2011) / DVD - OUT-OF-PRINT

    A collectable DVD-release of live music recorded from 2008-2010 in Astrakhan, Saint-Petersburg, and Moscow. Contains the highlights from the band's three studio albums and one yet unpublished composition. Features the core line-up of Ivan Fedotov (drums), Arkadiy Fedotov (bass), Alexander Kuzovlev (guitar), and Alexei Klabukov (synths), as well as guest-appearances from Natalya Tjurina (vocals), Vladimir Belov (cello), Valentin Rulev (violin), and Alexei Esin (flute). Sound Production by Alexander Kuzovlev. Video Production by Arkadiy Fedotov. Limited to 100 pcs: professionally duplicated DVD-R (12 tracks 76 min.) comes inside a hand-made silkscreen cardboard folder (blue-n-black colors over silver & grey cardboard). Designed and hand-printed by Maxim Ionov.

Vespero / Liventure #21 / 2010 (2010, AT034/GPS01) / F R E E - T O - D O W N L O A D (zip-file w/ artwork) / order LP from CLEAR SPOT


    The second release of the series, "Liventure #21" includes the instrumental highlights of the band's various stage performances in the course of 2009. Performed by Ivan Fedotov (drums, percussion), Arkadiy Fedotov (bass, oscillations, voice), Alexander Kuzovlev (guitars), Alexei Klabukov (keyboards), and Vladimir Belov (cello) with the guest appearances of Valentin Rulev (violin, keyboards). "Cosmos" and "Turquoise" were recorded by Alexander Kuzovlev and Alexei Klabukov at the Union of Theater Artists in Astrakhan. "Silver Rainbow" and "Crabs Ashore" were recorded by Vladimir Belov at the Pustye Holmi Open Air in Kaluga. "Lino" was recorded by Maxim Haikin at the InRock Fest in Moscow. Mixed and mastered by Alexander Kuzovlev. (60+ mb 5 tracks 40 min.).

    Golden Pavillion Records from Portugal released a limited LP edition of "Liventure #21" on 180g black vinyl on October 29, 2010. The LP edition differs from MP3-file version however: it features an additional track "Silence Breath Echo", and the whole album was edited and mastered by Alisa Coral especially for vinyl edition. 300 copies came in mouth-watering gold foil and textured sleeves with stunning artwork-design by ZonderZond.


    "Liventure #21 is quite the listening experience indeed. Vesperos space like sound mixed with experimental rock will give listeners something they do not hear every day and transport them to an out of this world state of mind. Anyone in search of something that is extraordinarily different should check out this disc." by Ashley Arseneau of Muzik Reviews (USA) (August 2011).

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Vespero / Liventure #19 / 2008 (2008, AT007) / F R E E - T O - D O W N L O A D (zip-file w/ artwork) / pro-duplicated CD-R - OUT-OF-PRINT

    "Liventure #19" is the first release of so-called "Liventure" series by VESPERO. This live album features 6 previously unpublished compositions and 1 track from the internationally acclaimed "Rito" debut CD (R024, RAIG). Performed by Ivan Fedotov (drums, percussion), Arkadiy Fedotov (bass, flute, vox), Alexander Kuzovlev (guitar, electronics), Alexei Klabukov (keyboards, button accordion), Natalya Tjurina (lead vox, synths). Recorded by Ivan Klyutsev at the Union of Theatre Artists in Astrakhan on June 21, 2008. Mixed and mastered by Alexader Kuzovlev. (95+ mb 7 tracks 49 min.). Original artwork by ZonderZond. 200-ltd. pro-duplicated CD-R edition in a cardboard sleeve.

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Vespero / Foam - Live 2006 (2008) / CD - OUT-OF-PRINT

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AT050 Vespero "Liventures 2008-2010"

AT049 Won James Won "Homeostat"

AT048 byZero "Half byZERO and NiK RUbanov Joined: Livestock"


AT046 Aethyr "Ave A"

AT045 Evgeny Grinko "Winter Sunshine"

AT043 The Re-Stoned "Vermel"

AT042 Dozelimit & It Isn't Bennings "Hibernation"

AT041 We Speak Wisdom Among Them That Are Perfect "Syndrome Of Remission"

AT040 The Surf Messengers "Tales from the Vaults of West Woodley. Chapter II: Friday the 13th. Night"

AT039 The Surf Messengers "Tales from the Vaults of West Woodley. Chapter I: Friday the 13th. Day"

AT038 Mystic Morrison Visions "Fuzzy Set"

AT037 Psi Corps "Shadow Creatures"

AT036 Sound Of Ground "Green Turning Light"

AT035 Without God "Without God"

AT034 Vespero "Liventure #21"

AT032 Enoch "Moth"

AT031 Dozelimit "Discover The Entering"

AT028 A Foggy Realm "Twilight"

AT027 Wogulow Taroutz Vermo "Eternal Number Of Repeats"

AT026 Won James Won "Les 120 Minuetes de Sadomaso nodoraemonocuporameno sodom"

AT025 Vali "Yggdrasil"

AT024 Iad "iad"

AT021 "Lebensjunge" (der junge Tag)

AT020 Evgeny Grinko "Cinematic Melodies EP"

AT019 DIRGENERA. Compendium II

AT018 Hard TON "These Stars Are Not Yet In Sight, When The North Passes By"

AT017 DIRGENERA. Compendium I

AT016 HXA "American Beauty: Can't Breath!"

AT015 Dream Mechanics "Screensaver"

AT014 Cyclofillydea "Bunker"

AT013 Broken Ghost "Tichi Star Diaries"

AT012 Roz Vitalis "Lazarus Abridged"

AT011 Light Upon Her Mysteries: Kalutaliksuaks Second Tale "Nuance vs X-Rays"

AT009 Won James Won "The Flood of Ixtlan"

AT008 Rushus "Stories"

AT007 Vespero "Liventure #19"

AT006 Light Upon Her Mysteries: Kalutaliksuaks First Tale "GB vs Kalutaliksuak"

AT004 Light Under Water "Reflective landscapes of nowhere"

AT003 Won James Won "Dante. Moscow"

AT002 Wogulow Taroutz Vermo "In My Previous Life I Was You !!!"

AT001 Wogulow Taroutz Vermo "Omut"