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    MYSTIC MORRISON VISIONS from Volzhsky, the Volgograd region (from left to right are): Garegin Benglyants (drums), Dmitry Smolentsev (keyboards), and Aleksej Esin (bass). The bandТs history went back to 2002 when Benglyants and Esin used to play (respectively on keyboards and on solo flute) in a obscure rock ensemble DR.ZOLDBERG. In 2009, when the group got disbanded, the two resumed rehearsals teaming up with well-experienced keyboardist D. Smolentsev: respectively Benglyants shifted from keyboards to drums and Esin picked up a bass guitar. The trio perform all instrumental, keyboard driven, colorful music straddling a border between avant-garde improvisation and funky-jazz grooveЕ For more information or booking please contact the band through their MyspaceMusic page.


Mystic Morrison Visions / Fuzzy Set / 2010 (2010, AT038) / F R E E - T O - D O W N L O A D (zip-file w/ artwork)


    Styles: Instrumental / Fusion / Avant-Prog

    Tracks: 7

    Timing: 31 min.

    Size: 48+ mb


    "Fuzzy Set" is a debut mini-album by MMV. Recorded live in Astrakhan on June 05, 2010. Recorded by Alexander Kuzovlev and Alexei Klabukov (of VESPERO) at the STD. Mixed by Alexander Kuzovlev.


    "Some may call this jazz fusion but I am reminded more of the jazz funk experiments in the 70s by musicians such as Herbie Hancock and Don Pullen. The tracks tend to be on the frantic side with a lot of playing with meters and rock riffs, a tendency they share with Bad Plus. Yet it is a good mix of jazz and rock influences that should please all jazz and rock fans." Ц by Marvin Vernon of Free Albums Galore (USA) (December 2010).

    Read about: Far From Moscow (USA).

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AT048 byZero "Half byZERO and NiK RUbanov Joined: Livestock"


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AT043 The Re-Stoned "Vermel"

AT042 Dozelimit & It Isn't Bennings "Hibernation"

AT041 We Speak Wisdom Among Them That Are Perfect "Syndrome Of Remission"

AT040 The Surf Messengers "Tales from the Vaults of West Woodley. Chapter II: Friday the 13th. Night"

AT039 The Surf Messengers "Tales from the Vaults of West Woodley. Chapter I: Friday the 13th. Day"

AT038 Mystic Morrison Visions "Fuzzy Set"

AT037 Psi Corps "Shadow Creatures"

AT036 Sound Of Ground "Green Turning Light"

AT035 Without God "Without God"

AT034 Vespero "Liventure #21"

AT032 Enoch "Moth"

AT031 Dozelimit "Discover The Entering"

AT028 A Foggy Realm "Twilight"

AT027 Wogulow Taroutz Vermo "Eternal Number Of Repeats"

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