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RAIG's Novelties
For whatever deserves to exist deserves also to be known, for knowledge is the image of existence; and things mean and splendid exist alike. Francis Bacon (1561-1626).
Stay tuned for the RAIG's novelties. Listen to the latest RAIG's outputs in their entirety for free. And if you like what you hear, please order CD or purchase digital download. More albums can be found on Official R.A.I.G. Bandcamp.


21 APRIL 2 0 1 4 :: Old Major / With Love (2014, R082 CD/DD)

CD IS OUT NOW! RAIG is proud to present: With Love, the first real full-legth cd-album by the Toronto based three-piece band OLD MAJOR. This is a collection of heavy, rhythmic, and tight riff-rock songs, with progressive-stoner-oddball tendencies, laden with hooks, and laced with melodic pop sensibilities. For lovers of heavy, melodic and motoric Rock! Artwork concept and graphics by ZonderZond. CD (13 tracks - 55 min.) comes in a full-color 4-panel cardboard folder: $13.00 + shipping.


17 FEBRUARY 2 0 1 4 :: Kalutaliksuak / Death of the Alpinist (2014, R081 CD/DD)

RAIG is proud to present: "Death of the Alpinist", a new conceptual music album by the Moscow based four-piece avant-rock band KALUTALIKSUAK. The work is well balanced between composed and improvised music blending influences from prog-rock, psychedelia, jazz and avant-garde. The album is based on a story from "The Aged Tales"; artwork concept and graphics are created by ZonderZond. Sound-production by Dmitry Sakharov at the DSMS Studio. CD (4 tracks - 58 min.) comes in a full-color 4-panel cardboard folder: $13.00 + shipping.


16 SEPTEMBER 2 0 1 3 :: Mechanik / Velut Stella Splendida (2013, R080 CD/DD)

RAIG is proud to present: "Velut Stella Splendida", debut full-length album by MECHANIK from Madrid, Spain is OUT NOW. The release includes 5 new and unheard compositions, and the re-makes of 4 tracks from the band's earlier EPs. Comes as quality digital download and professional CD housed in cardboard folder. This album is a must-heard for all space-travellers, kraut-adventurers, and psyche-lovers! CD (cardboard folder): $13.00 + shipping.


Expert Evidences
Read what independent musicologists say about RAIG's releases at various international zines, blogs, and web-pages. Follow the links!
March 22 :: Kalutaliksuak "Death of the Alpinist" (2014, R081) by Jerry Kranitz @ Aural Innovations (USA)
March 15 :: Mechanik "Velut Stella Splendida" (2013, R080) by Achim Breiling @ Babyblaue Seiten (Germany)
March 09 :: Kalutaliksuak "Death of the Alpinist" (2014, R081) by Achim Breiling @ Babyblaue Seiten (Germany)
March 03 :: Kalutaliksuak "Death of the Alpinist" (2014, R081) by Carry Munter @ New Underground Music (The Netherlands)
March 01 :: Mechanik "Velut Stella Splendida" (2013, R080) @ iO Pages #120 (The Netherlands)
February 28 :: Kalutaliksuak "Death of the Alpinist" (2014, R081) by Andreas Schiffmann @ Musikreviews.de (Germany)
February 09 :: Mechanik "Velut Stella Splendida" (2013, R080) by Janos Bien @ Glorious Space Riders (Hungary)
February 04 :: IWKC "Before We Disappear" (2013, IWKC03) by Jan Willem Broek @ Caleidoscoop (The Netherlands)
January 26 :: Kalutaliksuak "Death of the Alpinist" (2014, R081) by Francesco Nunziata @ OndaRock (Italy)
December 23 :: "Vespero Cosmic Sounds from Southern Russia (Interview)" by Jerry Kranitz @ Aural Innovations (USA)

Live Shots
We still love playing gigs and touring. Come and see RAIG's bands performing live!
April 22 :: KALUTALIKSUAK - Moscow @ Alexey Kozlov Club. 20:00
April 30 :: DISEN GAGE - Riga, Latvia @ Nabaklab
May 01 :: DISEN GAGE - Liepaja, Latvia @ Fontaine Palace
May 03 :: DISEN GAGE - Vilnius, Lihuania @ Pogo Bar
May 17 :: WON JAMES WON, J-LOBSTER - Moscow @ "Manifest" Club. 19:00. The Album Launch Party
May 21 :: IWKC, KSHETTRA - Moscow @ "China Town" Cafe. 20:00
May 31 :: VESPERO, WEN - Saint-Petersburg @ "ESG-21" Club. 20:00
May 31 :: VESPERO, Atomic Simao, Matushka, Polska Radio One, Snakecharm & others - Moscow @ "Volta" Club. 17:30. The Moscow Psychfest 2014

Camera Eye
Just a little spot for official videos, live footages, fan-arts, etc.


April 21 :: VESPERO

VESPERO present a video of their new composition entitled "K.A.M.S.A.S". This is a live improvisation performed by the band's expanded line-up at the Astrakhan's Union Of The Theatre Artists on April 20, 2014.


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